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Here, the spray of the ocean, which brings air from the open air, there, the perfumes of essential oils, still further, the smells of the earth and the vegetation that mingle and flourish after the rain. Laurianne Ghansseeram opens us, during a guided tour, the den of her little cabin that diffuses the scents of essential oils.

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Vanilla, cinnamon, spices, sugar cane, vetiver, citronnelle, ylang-ylang, all these scents are expressed and imprinted in the memory of the senses. It is in this exceptional olfactory environment that we met Laurianne Ghansseeram, a woman who lives her passion to the rhythm of the creation of fragrances, to the point of having done her job. Impossible to pass in front of his small shop without seeing it. A small Creole hut located in Anse Jonchée, in the south-east of the island, famous for its essential oils and the distillation of ylang-ylang.

On the spot, Laurianne was waiting for us to first make us visit the garden planets facing her shop. There we could smell geranium, vetiver, ylang ylang, lemongrass, rosemary, henna, eucalyptus, ayapana … She has the approach fa cile, speaks of her plants as well as their benefits with a good dose of passion. To better understand the products found in his shop, visiting the garden is essential. You will learn that ylang-ylang is ideal for those who suffer from high blood pressure, such as rosemary to reduce stress, lemongrass against insect bites, flu cough and cold … Once your feet in this garden, virtues and flowering period will no longer have any secrets for you.

Laurianne Ghansseeram speaks with sensitivity and subtlety in order to meet the new expectations of the clientele, always in search of personalization. Attentive to every expectation, she composes the formula and conceives the perfume of which you have so much dreamed! Talented creative and true “nose” she plays all the notes. “Since childhood I have always been guided by the smells, those of nature…

My parents used only plants to heal and since then I have been fascinated by the virtues of plants. But it was by working with a creator, surrounded by passionate perfumers, that the meeting took place. “Then I discovered all the magic of the composition. This discovery was made by Laurianne at the former Domaine Ylang-ylang. If she spent her time in the kitchen, her nostrils and her other senses were bewitched by the scents that came from the still. Her interest in this trade was quickly noticed and the owners who eventually introduced her to the art of making essential oils. Laurianne is now 6 years old. Its originality is reflected not only in the fragrances it sells but also in the small hut it has built to sell its products. On entering it, one discovers the famous “catoras” containing perfumed candles that Laurianne has worked with care. We also find a multitude of shower gels with very particular scents and multiple benefits, small soaps, massage oils geranium, vanilla, bergamot, lavender … Added to that, the advice of Laurianne…

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